Winnemucca ~ Our RV Boondocking Vacation~Part 2

Our second part of our RV Boondocking Vacation was spent in the Winnemucca, Nevada area.  Even though we have spent quite a bit of time there, we had never visited the Humboldt Museum.

It is larger than it seems and has a great collection consisting of items like American Indian artifacts, early vehicles, mammoth bones, and MUCH more!

Check out our pictures below:

The “Invincible Schacht” ~ 1909

1907 Chase Truck ~ 3 cylinder 2 cycle engine

“Buddy” LOVED this whole display! There was so much to look at.

Buddy and the 1897 Buggy

Old-fashioned view-master

Edna Purviance ~ Charlie Chaplin’s Leading Lady ~ She was born in Paradise Valley, Nevada in 1896.

1911 Cyclecar ~ Has an old Harley Davidson Engine with a kick starter

This dress belonged to Edna Purviance.

“Buddy” got a kick out of this “Adult Potty Chair”…lol

War bonnet worn by Lame Deer, leading Minniconjou Sioux chief who was killed in 1877.

Nixon Opera House fire by arson ~ building destroyed in 1992

This KNABE piano survived the Nixon Opera House fire and has been fully restored.

Black Rock Desert Mammoth

Believe it or not… this is a bone from his spine.

A Mammoth Foot

Augustasaurus hagdorni fossil.
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