Tunnel aka New Seven Troughs ~ Nevada Ghost Town

We had the amazing opportunity of exploring the ghost town of Tunnel, Nevada on our recent road trip. This town was also sometimes called “New Seven Troughs”.

As the town came into view, I felt like a little kid at Christmas!

It was a wonderful feeling of discovery, especially after the day before when we drove up to Lower Rochester and Rochester and discovered that a wildfire had gone through there within the last couple of years destroying almost everything that had been left. (If you haven’t read that post yet, I will have a handy link at the bottom of this post to lead you there.)

We spent quite awhile exploring this treasure trove and even had our picnic lunch there on the grounds.

We attempted to go and explore the original Seven Troughs and Mazuma, but our vehicle just wasn’t made for the roads in their current condition.  🙁

The stamp mill in Tunnel was so impressive.

I could actually imagine the tremendous noises that this would make and how you surely would feel the banging deep in your bones if you were anywhere near it while it was operating.

It looked like there used to be one more stamp mill over to the left of this one.

This stamp mill was made by the Joshua Hendy Iron Works that existed from the 1850’s to the late 1940’s.

This one is a five stamp mill as you can see in the slideshow below by looking down at the metal cylinders that extend below the area with the name plaque.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the whole weekend! It was amazing standing under this mill looking up at all of the intricate parts.

There would have been a belt around the wheel on the left to make it rotate.

Check out this amazing ghost town in the pictures below.

If you missed the post about the first part of our road trip, you can read about Nevada Ghost Towns ~ Rochester and Lower Rochester here.

Here is the link to the last part of our trip: Toulon Mill, Lime Kiln, and Oreana ~ Nevada Ghost Town Road Trip

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