Traveling Through History With Doctor Who ~ Review

“Buddy” and I thoroughly loved using “Traveling Through History With Doctor Who”. In fact, we loved it so much that I recommend it ALL THE TIME and we now make our own TTHWDW ever since we went through this course when it was first coming out and completed it all. 

We were actually part of the participants that took it for free when the creator was checking for any “bugs” and the like before she started selling the courses. We paid for the second installment when it came out, though. These only cost $8 for the first installment of 12 weeks and $4 for the second one with 6 weeks. Totally worth the money!  

By the way, I am not getting anything in return for this review and was not even asked to do a review. I decided to write this because. like I mentioned above… I recommend this all the time and thought that it is about time that I recommended it also to all of you.

When we began, Buddy was a little bit into Doctor Who, but I had never seen an episode. Now, he is much more of a Whovian than he was, but I definitely surpassed him in that regard.  LOL

When we were all done with everything in these courses, Buddy kept begging for more. I then took the idea and general premise of these official courses, discovered some lists of Doctor Who episodes and the part of history in the episode, and we made our own course. This was actually several years ago, but we still do some TTTWDW whenever the mood hits. 

Basically, I research what the episode is about and then we find materials (usually short documentaries) that correspond. We sometimes watch the episode first and sometimes watch/do the other materials. After watching the episode, we discuss everything and come up with thought-provoking questions and other things to think about. You can check out my current process as well as a list of many of the historical episodes on my post Learning History with Doctor Who.

Although we do it this way now, I totally recommend that your start out with the official courses to be taught the way it is done as well as not having to start out making your own. Both courses are only $12 for both. There are also some Little Whovian lessons that you can find free here.

You can purchase these courses as well as a sample lesson here on Teachers Pay Teachers.

“Buddy” Halloween 2014 and our family posing with the new TARDIS in Virginia City, NV a couple of years ago.