This Time Together: Laughter And Reflection – Audio Book Review

All emotions explored!  Definitely recommended!

I loved listening to this audio book written/read by Carol Burnett and look forward to listening to it again and again.

I have had this for quite awhile and never felt like getting into it before, because I had listened to a VERY short bit back when I got it and felt it was quite boring.  I had not listened much past the introduction and it wasn’t “funny” (yet) like I had imagined and desired at the time.  I obviously did not give it the chance it totally deserved.

This Time Together” is like sitting in a room of a handful of friends listening to Carol Burnett chatting about her career, friendships with some fellow legendary stars we all know and love, as well as a few poignant times in her life.   I was laughing most of the time, but also experienced a short time of all-out tears.  It was worth the tears, however, to hear of the beautiful, yet heart-wrenching stories that let you see a bit of Carol Burnett’s compassionate personality.

I truly enjoyed listening as Carol Burnett told her unforgettable stories.  I strongly recommend this book in whatever form you can get your hands on. 


(I personally bought my copy of “This Time Together” at for my MP3 Player.  I was not compensated in anyway for this review, nor was a review even requested.  This review is entirely this blogger’s decision and opinions. This post does, however, contain an affiliate link to Amazon. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.)


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