“The Help” – How Does the Movie Stack Up Against the Book?

When I first heard about “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett and that it was coming out as a movie, I hurried and read the book.  It was amazingly full-bodied and moving.  I did not get around to seeing the movie, however, until recently via Netflix.Although I believe that it was one of the better movies made recently for adults, it did not do the book anywhere near the justice that I felt it deserved.  Honestly, for the movie to have accomplished that, it would have had to be much longer and it still likely would have fallen a bit short.

My advice:  Definitely read the book!  The author created a deep and meaningful story that could not totally be portrayed in a movie.

Then, you can watch the movie to experience the story in another way.  I watched the movie a few times, before I fully appreciated it.  This was because it did not portray the characters as the deep individuals I loved (and in some cases “loved to hate”).  I also discovered that if I had not read the book prior to watching the movie, I may have found myself somewhat confused with the way the foreshadowing was used without the viewer always realizing when a particular event actually happened within the story.

If you read the book and saw the movie, what where your thoughts?  Be sure to let me know in which order you experienced them, too, and if you believe that had an affect on your response.  Looking forward to checking out your responses in the Comments below!

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