Our Gluten Free Thanksgiving

This will be my second year of making a totally gluten free Thanksgiving. 

My biggest tip is to think about what you and your family traditionally enjoy on Thanksgiving and see how you can change the recipes up a bit to make them gluten free.  You can then add in some new dishes wherever you find holes in your menu.

Be sure to watch for easily hidden gluten sources and products that have cross-contamination issues in production.

You can also simply use my menu below and skip the headache.  😉

Our Menu

Main Meal:
Turkey ~ I’m using Jennie O’s Premium Basted Young Turkey, which is Gluten Free.
Mashed Potatoes ~ homemade using unsweetened almond milk and a GF butter.
Gravy ~ I’m making this gravy. You can also use Mayacamas Gravy or this McCormicks.
Dressing ~ I’m using Glutino’s Cornbread Stuffing this year with this chicken broth.
Country Potato Casserole ~ We’re having 2 kinds of potatoes so everyone is happy.  😉
Green Beans with Bacon and Onions ~ I use this BEEF broth (not chicken) & Kirkland’s bacon.
Creamed Corn ~ Drain 1 can corn & mix with 1 can GF creamed corn. Add pepper & heat.
Dinner Rolls ~ Purchased at our local Gluten Free dedicated Haven on Earth Bakery and Deli.
Cranberry Sauce ~ Ocean Spray is gluten free.
Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Grape juice ~ All of Martinelli’s juices are currently gluten free.

Deviled Eggs ~ This basic recipe, but usually a bit heavier on the mustard and vinegar.
Pickles ~ Vlasic is a good brand that is currently gluten free.
Pumpkin Dip  with Tart Apple Slices~ I double this & we enjoy it for a couple of days!
Artichoke and Jalapeno Dip with GF Chips ~ I found this dip at Costco.
Veggie Tray

Pumpkin Pie in a GF Pie Crust ~ I use my mom’s old Betty Crocker recipe & get my crust here.
Chocolate Pudding Pie in GF Graham Cracker Crust ~ Jello Pudding is GF & here is the crust.

What gluten free dishes do you make for the holidays? Please tell me in the comments section and leave a link if you have one.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


*This was originally posted on my previous blog on November 24, 2014.

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