What Part of Gluten Free Don’t You Understand? ~ Shopping Trip Gone Wrong

I shopped diligently at my favorite local grocery store yesterday… making sure that everything I purchased was gluten free.  It took a bit longer than my days before needing to go gluten free and was more expensive, but I have already seen substantial improvements in my health (including going off of one of my medications for a misdiagnosed issue that was actually caused by eating gluten).

There evidently had been a spill of some mysterious white powder just prior to my arrival at this checkout lane.  The clerk was wiping down the conveyor belt as I arrived.  As my gluten free groceries travelled to the end of the conveyor belt for me to bag them, this mysterious white powder showed up looking like a flour explosion had occurred.  It hadn’t yet reached my goods, but the conveyor continued and as my groceries arrived at the end it kept running under them and therefore getting some of the ick on my packages.  I said something about it getting on my groceries and was “assured” that it had not gotten on my groceries, but that she would move them over to the other side.  Like she would just humor me.

After that was accomplished and I was bagging them up, the conveyor belt on my new side of the checkout lane produced telltale signs of that mysterious substance.  Just proving my point that it had indeed contaminated my goods!

I had already paid by this time and was honestly getting nowhere when it hit me that the white stuff very likely could be FLOUR!!!   Yikes!  lol   My previously gluten free goodies were likely not so gluten free.   I went to the customer service counter, explained everything, and then proceeded to re-shop for most of my items.  Fortunately, this was not one of those stock-up trips to the store.


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