Salmon Patty Eggs Benedict ~ Gluten Free

 I came up with this amazing taste sensation while eating my Simple Salmon Patties with Dressed Up Mashed Potatoes and Brazi Bites awhile back.

I had made extra salmon patties to have them for leftovers and had meant to use them in the place of hamburger patties, as I had done previously. I had, however, been craving Eggs Benedict with my Mock Hollandaise Sauce for the last few days and this wonderful creation popped into my head. It just kept evolving the longer I drooled over the thought of them.   😉


Salmon Patty Benedict

Stephanie Parker


  • Previously cooked Salmon Patty or Cake Gluten Free if needed ~ See GF recipe.
  • 2 poached or steam basted eggs
  • Mock Hollandaise Sauce ~ See recipe at:
  • 2 Thick slabs of ripe tomato
  • Generous amount of fresh spinach
  • 2 halves of an English muffin Gluten Free if needed ~ I use Glutino's Premium.


  • Poach or steam baste your eggs as desired. We love ours even runnier than these turned out, but they would be tasty done in any way.
  • Prepare your Mock Hollandaise (see recipe at:
  • Toast your English muffins.
  • Prepare your tomato slabs (really thick slices) and spinach.
  • When everything is ready, it is time to assemble: Place your English muffins on the plate(s) with the cut sides up.
  • Top with a generous amount of fresh spinach and then the tomato.
  • Place hot (re-heated if necessary) salmon patty on top. Next top with an egg.
  • Finally, drizzle hollandaise generously over the top of everything. I like mine covered even thicker than this (but it isn't as pretty then).


Yields: 2 Benedicts
See Mock Hollandaise recipe at

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