Rochester and Lower Rochester ~ Nevada Ghost Towns

We absolutely LOVE exploring ghost towns and are fortunate to have an abundance of places to explore nearby since we live in northern Nevada.
Hubby works for the railroad and got an unexpected couple of days off due to something called federal rest.
Basically, after working so many consecutive days on the railroad without a break, they have to give you 48 hours off. So what does that mean to us? Road trip!!!
Since I am preparing to teach a class at our homeschooling co-op called “Nevada Ghost Towns and Mining Camps”, we decided to explore some of the ghost towns that were new to us and were supposed to have some nice ruins to explore and snap some great pictures to share with my class.
The first town sites we explored on our little trip were Lower Rochester and Rochester, Nevada.
Unfortunately when we arrived, it was obvious that a wildfire had swept through here within the last couple of years and destroyed most of what was left.
A wildfire raged through in June 2012 leaving only cement foundations, metals, and a couple of extremely fortunate wooden pieces.
We missed exploring this wonderful piece of history still in amazing condition by a mere one and a half years.  🙁
When Hubby found out the news, his response was: “As John Tyson once said, ‘The desert has a way of reclaiming what was hers.’ “
So true. But still sad.
The fallen building (in the slide show below) was the only significant wood not burned that was not up on higher ground.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t much left up on higher ground either.
I am not sure what this wooden structure is. It is up on a hill at Lower Rochester near the wooden headframe in the first picture of the slide show. The headframe is over to the left of this structure.
There are only a handful of residents still around Rochester and Lower Rochester today…
Wild mustangs!
Aren’t they beautiful?
So the lesson we learned from all of this was… go and explore today!
Don’t put it off until tomorrow, because it just may not be there.  🙁


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This blog was originally posted on my previous blog on January 28, 2014, but I just happen to currently be teaching this same class for the second time at our homeschool co-op.

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