BPPV and Post-Concussive Syndrome Update ~ Plus New Primary Doctor

First of all… If you haven’t read about what happened to cause my BPPV and all, you can check this out: My Experience with Post-Concussive Syndrome and Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
I finally got to see my neurologist on Monday. He was pleased that the Epley Maneuver is successful in getting my BPPV back under control when it gets bad and seemed to be a bit tickled when I started telling him about my “DizzyFix” gadget that I bought and use to do the Epley Maneuver at home. I meant to take it with me to my appointment, but I forgot until it was too late to turn back. After I told him all about the DizzyFix, he seemed impressed. I’m thinking he will be looking it up online soon, if he hasn’t already. He did decide that I should be sent to a physical therapist for some additional exercises that can help the effects of the Epley Maneuver last longer. I am looking forward to learning those, too. By the way, my DizzyFix is working wonders and my hubby has become my personal physical therapist for the Epley Maneuver. It guides him as he guides me. Pretty cool! 
We also discussed my constant headache and the times when it gets worse. I was telling him that they are not migraines, just bad headaches. He then asked me what I believe migraines are. I told him that the people I know who have migraines cannot have ANY lights on or sound around them, they can hardly move, and they have major issues with their stomach, etc. He explained that often, yes, that can be true, but when the headaches disable me enough to totally change what I can do that day in the way that mine are… I am definitely having migraines. Oh well… I guess it must have been wishful thinking… I don’t want migraines…lol Anyway, I am now on a medication for the constant headache. It is a long-term medication, but I am hoping not too long. I’m thinking that surely this post-concussive stuff will run its course somewhat soon. He also gave me a prescription for when the migraine first starts up. I did have to take one yesterday and within about an hour, my headache was pretty much all gone. He was very pleased in how I am doing with my Parkinsons and nothing was changed on my Sinemet prescription. (Update years later: My diagnosis has changed from Early Onset Parkinsons to an Atypical Parkinsons or Parkinsonism.)
I have also been on the lookout for a new Internal Medicine Doctor lately. There are several reasons! But anyway… I finally had my appointment with my new doctor and I am very excited! She is actually in the residency program at UNR for Internal Medicine, but she and the doctor above her are great and are in total agreement that I am on WAY too many medications. Evidently, he sees this too often where the previous doctor just keeps adding things on when it should simply be changed to something else. I have already been taken off of one medication and the plan is to phase me out of at least four. One of them he only uses for people who have had heart surgery or several heart attacks. I haven’t had ANY! In fact, my heart tests have all been good. It also can be helpful with blood pressure (but again… in people who have other heart issues) and I was on it for blood pressure. To top it off, my blood pressure was actually quite low yesterday (108 over something). I am now keeping a blood pressure diary for a couple of weeks, too. They cannot take me off of them all at once, because that could possibly cause some problems. I have to have quite a bit of blood taken next week and another test. I will then go back and see where to go from there. 
My main doctor also believes that I could very easily have Fibromyalgia or something like rheumatoid arthritis. I did not even bring those up. My old doctor always just said that Fibromyalgia was WAY over diagnosed, so he did not consider it… even though it is in my family and my chiropractor confirmed that I have MANY of the pressure points. He also would not test me for anything related to gluten issues, because I am overweight so I couldn’t have Celiac (which is bogus) and in his opinion, if you do not have Celiac then going gluten free is totally a fad.  Sheesh! What about the fact that I no longer have IBS or Gastroenteritis and do not have to take an Imodium everyday just for maintenance issues? He just shrugged his head like he was saying, “It’s just in your head.” 
Great news? My new lead doctor is personally Celiac and wants to explore my sensitivities, etc more after we fix some of these over-medication issues. He definitely encourages health through the foods we eat and don’t eat. Yay! I cannot wait to learn more!
On my other health matter… After two weeks worth of compression boots from toes to knee, hobbling around for at least a week with the aid of a walker, and four weeks of having my nine stitches… I finally got my stitches out of my leg yesterday! It was where I had my suspicious spot removed. It is still not completely healed, though. There is just a little place and I have another special bandage on it. The problem is with the size of the spot removed (to include a healthy margin) and the location just at the base of the back of my calf. The good news there is that it was just a scar that went a bit haywire… it was not malignant. Yay! (I have to keep a close eye on things like this, because I had a melanoma in citu in 1999.)

This has been a huge week medically for me. My neurologist appointment was on Monday. I had my stitches removed Tuesday morning (yesterday) and my new doctor’s appointment was Tuesday afternoon. Today, I finally got to go back to the chiropractor. My back, neck, limbs, etc, etc…. were SO far out it was not even funny. I have been putting it off since hitting my head on May 24th, because I did not think it was worth it until now to have my back put in.  All of the vertigo issues and the thought of hitting my leg or otherwise hurting it seemed more important than my aching back.

I remembered to take my DizzyFix to this appointment. He was really impressed with it and even asked me if we could do the maneuver with it, so he could see it in action. He already knows the Epley Maneuver, but did not know anything about the DizzyFix. He wants one for his office, now. 🙂

I hope you all are feeling great and have a wonderful day! Take care of you!

* Update:  My chiropractor now has a DizzyFix at his office after I demonstrated mine at his office. He had done the Epley Maneuver with patients before, but now uses the DizzyFix, too.

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