Sautéed Portobello and Onions in a Coconut Wrap ~ Gluten Free

I had such a yummy and healthy lunch today! I was craving a truckload of mushrooms mixed with some kind of tex-mex flair, but didn’t feel up to going shopping. I also wanted to make sure that I did not mess up the healthy eating I have been doing lately, but wasn’t in the mood for another egg white frittata (minus the cheese)… What to do?I headed to the kitchen and this is what I created… drum-roll please….

Sautéed Portobello and Onions in a Coconut Wrap  

Yep! Gluten Free and Healthy! And yes, even though I am sure some of you are thinking, “What in the world…?” It was tasty!  
I cooked the strips of portobello mushrooms and thick slices of onions in just enough avocado oil to keep them from burning over a medium-ish heat (so I could use less oil). I added a generous amount of ground pepper as they cooked.  

After I placed the mushrooms and onions on the wrap (you can use whatever kind of wrap you desire), I topped it with just a little bit of Homade Chili Sauce. It would also be yummy with chunky salsa! If I had cilantro, I could have likely gone with that and salsa.

This “Homade Chili Sauce” is the one I use when I am out of my supply of my Grandma’s recipe of the REAL HOMEMADE STUFF! This is most definitely the closest to my Grandma’s recipe that I have ever tasted and it’s gluten free. (It does not say that it is gluten free on the bottle, but I called when I first went gluten free back in October and personally talked to a lady in the office who assured me that it is indeed gluten free and all natural.) It doesn’t taste blah like the other brands of chili sauce you can buy, either. If you had ever tasted my Grandma’s Chili Sauce, you would understand how spoiled our taste buds are…lol… Anyway, I actually get mine at my local Winco, but I just discovered today that you can also get it through Amazon! How cool is that?!? Here is my affiliate link for Homade Chili Sauce.

The Raw Coconut Paleo Wraps are really healthy! I have only had them so far with things that included salsa or this Homade Chili Sauce, but I am sure that if I was not trying to be really healthy right now, that these would be extremely yummy with some kind of dessert that included chocolate and/or peanut butter. Of course, other than still being gluten free and paleo, a lot of the healthy factor would then be nullified. *wink* They contain only: coconut meat, coconut water, and Philippine salt. ~ I am in no way associated with Julian Bakery nor have I received any product or compensation for mentioning this product. I am just REALLY loving these wraps and wanted to share them with you! But if by any chance they would like to send me a supply of these yummy slabs of goodness… I would be more than happy to give them my address… just sayin’  😉  

Avocado oil is another one of my new favorite ingredients! I got mine at my local Costco, but the brand is actually Chosen Foods and you can get it at Amazon, too. Here is my affiliate link to Amazon’s Chosen Foods’ 100% Pure Avocado Oil. I love it! You can even heat it up to 500 degrees F.

So! What do you think? Crazy? Or genius? All I know is that it sure was tasty and I will definitely be having it again! 

* Update 10/6/2013It looks like there is a huge legal debate (to put it nicely) between Julian Bakery and Improv’eat over who really has the patent and therefore the right to make and continue to make/sell coconut wraps made in this fashion (with this recipe, etc).

Accusations are that Improv’eat wouldn’t let Julian Bakery sell Improv’eat’s “Pure Wraps” with Julian’s own name/packaging, so Julian just “took” the product and did it themselves… violating a patent that was in the works, attempting (and almost succeeding) to bankrupt a smaller company, etc, etc…

I am not sure of all of the details. I am just posting this update for my readers, so you will be informed. I was made aware of this via comments left by other readers. I did not post their comments “as is”, because they were more inflammatory (and definitely anti-Julian, I’m not positive about all of the facts, yet). I did some research of my own and am reporting on that. This way, you have the basic information without all of the emotional opinions.

Anyway… It looks like Improv’eat will be selling the original “Pure Wraps” again in November. Does that mean that Julian Bakery will no longer be able to sell their version? I cannot tell at this time. I will let you know as I find out and provide you with links. I just know that I will definitely be trying the ones from Improv’eat when they are available, because they are the exact same recipe and less expensive! Experience the original at a lower cost? Can’t beat that!

I knew these wraps were tasty! Evidently tasty enough to fight over…  ; )

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