Our Love Story

God put together a string of events in both of our lives before we knew each other. If even one of them hadn’t happened when they did, we would have never met. We have been married for ten years now and have been through a lot together.

In 2005 my husband suddenly got deathly ill. We were only in our mid-thirties and had two children. When he was life-flighted, we both suddenly knew the extent of the situation.

He had an advanced flesh-eating strep infection in his leg and got Toxic Shock. Either of them are highly deadly. I was informed several times to “be prepared”, because they honestly didn’t think that he would make it and if he did, he would likely lose his leg.

God kept me sane and mostly calm throughout. I knew in my heart that God was and is in control and He would get us through it. And He did! After five surgeries, 8 days in ICU, and 37 days in the hospital, my hubby got to come home. The healing was long from over, but with God, we got through it together.

Now we are starting through another season. I now have some kind of genetic neuropathy that is progressive. (Later note: I do not have a neuropathy. I have Parkinsonism.) But, we are going to make it, because God has taught both of us SO much and He is in control. Things will continue to change, but with God leading the way, we will make it just fine.