We will explore the different aspects of music appreciation and theory. This includes concepts such as: music history, instruments and their families, movement and art to music, playing basic rhythm instruments, and learning about beat, pitch, note construction, dynamics, tempo, etc. We will start at the very beginning and these lessons do not require ANY musical experience on the part of the parent/teacher. The emphasis will be on instrumental music.

 I created Music Adventures for our local homeschooling co-op. This series of blog posts is based on my experiences teaching my kindergarten-3rd graders.
This page will contain the Music Adventures lessons in the order I suggest completing them. If the early lessons are too easy, feel free to skip to a more appropriate lesson to begin.  If you are caught up, you can simply just follow The Journey and get the lessons right from my blog feed.
By the way… One of my main rules in my Music Adventures classes is to HAVE FUN!




Rhythm Sticks ~ 1 fluted and 1 plain


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