Mushroom Burger Salad ~ Gluten Free and Dairy Free

This yummy meal was inspired by the bunless burger I get at my local Fat Burger. Theirs isn’t quite as elaborate, but it was the spark.
I recently found out that I can easily eat there gluten free by checking out Urban Tastebuds’ Gluten Free Menu Guide for Fat Burger. I had never even been to Fat Burger until I saw that there is quite a bit on their menu that is safe. 
Even though I am thoroughly thrilled to have another delicious and safe option locally, I can’t afford to eat there as much as I would like… monetarily or health-wise.
I was craving a “Fat Burger” tonight and this was my solution. Hubby and “Buddy” got to experience their first “bunless” versions tonight, too.
My creations were similar to the way the young man that works during the weekdays at our local Fat Burger arranges them (the cook in the evening did it in a completely different manner). 
Mine is the one pictured (that was also Dairy Free). It has a bed of lettuce, red onions, sliced tomato, bread and butter pickle slices, sliced avocado, a swirl of ketchup, sauteéd mushrooms, and the burger.
Hubby’s was basically the same, but also had a slice of Swiss cheese and a swirl of mustard.
Buddy’s was minus the onions and avocado. His cheese was provolone and his mushrooms were over to the side. 
My tips for sautéing the mushrooms actually come from what I learned recently by watching The Chew. I have sautéed mushrooms for years apparently the wrong way. Clinton Kelly was explaining how that if you have your pan too crowded when you are sautéing your mushrooms, you are basically just “sweating” them. 
I have always just piled the mushrooms in the pan; the more the merrier. I tried it his way tonight and it definitely made a difference. 
So, this is what I did: 
I used a combination of butter and avocado oil to sauté the mushrooms and made sure that every individual mushroom had plenty of room without touching or overlapping another. I generously seasoned them with black pepper as they began to cook on a somewhat high heat, turning over halfway through cooking. Just about a minute before removing from the skillet, I added a generous amount of minced garlic. It only cooked a bit less than a minute with the garlic before removing from the skillet. Be sure to stir the garlic down into the butter/oil and it will cook quickly and evenly. You definitely don’t want to burn the garlic.
My burgers tonight were just simply seasoned with black pepper, granulated garlic, and a Worcestershire sauce that is gluten free (some are not, be sure to check yours if this is an issue for you). 
I have plans for making several of our favorite burgers and serving them this way. We will be able to enjoy our favorite burgers in a healthier manner. Oh the possibilities…!

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