Mini Maestro Reminiscent of Leonard Bernstein

Ever since I first saw this mini maestro from Kyrgyzstan conducting behind the church choir as they were practicing, I cannot get over how much she reminds me of Leonard Bernstein.

Leonard Bernstein, in my opinion, was easily one of the BEST conductors of all time along with being an amazing composer, musician, and teacher. I would have absolutely LOVED to be in an orchestra that was conducted by him! Talk about the experience of a lifetime.

This little girl already displays (at her extremely young age) some of the passion for music that he had. You can see what I mean by watching both of the short videos below.

Mini Maestro ~ Little Girl Conducting at a Church Choir Practice in Kyrgyzstan


Leonard Bernstein Conducting Mahler’s 2nd Symphony

Don’t you agree? Isn’t she a little Bernstein in the making?
*  This was originally posted on my previous blog in March 2014.


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