Looking For the Good

I always try to look for the good in everything, because if I don’t… I have gone through it all for nothing.  And that… is not acceptable!

When I posted  “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?” the other day, I had hoped to bring some attention to the epidemic issue of bullying and the idea of “if you can’t say something nice… don’t say anything at all.”

Some attention was certainly stirred up, but not all of it was the kind that I had hoped for.

While I was somewhat concerned that I may offend some fellow parents and others who are trying to help educate people about Autism, I honestly never even thought that I would highly offend those who are personally on the spectrum, whom I honestly believe need a much bigger personal voice in all of this.

I believe that I clearly state my true support of people on the spectrum (and not on changing and/or doing away with them) in my writing, my blog’s focus (and other social media avenues I use), and most definitely in my personal actions (for those who actually know me IRL).

But you know how it goes… One little statement gets taken out of context, add in the fact that it is Autism Awareness Month (and tensions are running high anyway), include the fact that I mentioned ASD (but not mentioning my clear points that I do NOT think those on the spectrum need changed or eliminated), spread the word in this new context… and you have a snowball now running out of control in a way you never imagined.

What good have I found in this so far?  There has been a bit more needed discussion about where the focus and any money should go regarding the Autism Spectrum Disorders ~ which I totally encourage.


The above graphic is one that I created about a week ago to show my true beliefs of what the focus should be this month and everyday.  I purposely used orange, the circle form, and straight lines to show contrast to the blue (since orange is the “opposite” of blue) and the circle and straight lines contrast the puzzle pieces and idea that those on the spectrum are a difficult puzzle we cannot understand and are missing pieces.  I had shared this previously on Pinterest, Tumblr, and The Journey’s Facebook page, but definitely feel that this message still needs a tremendous amount of focus of us all.  Be sure to help get the word out there! Thank you.


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