Bike Ride Over Longest Concrete Cathedral Arch Bridge in the World ~ Wordless Wednesday


Bike ride over the Galena Creek Bridge Hubby (bottom right) road his bike across on the Galena Creek Bridge during the special event on July 2012. People were allowed to walk or ride their bikes across the longest concrete cathedral arch bridge in the world. This was before they constructed the barrier walls (which obstruct some of the amazing view) and opened the new section of I-580 between Reno and Carson City. “Buddy”, our dog Isabella, and I drove over on the opposite side of the bridge. We could only go about 5 – 10 mph, but I loved being able to go so slow and enjoy the scenery. The project took well over six years and more than $400 million. The “Longest Concrete Cathedral Arch Bridge in the World” can be seen in the top left picture.


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