Invader Zim Birthday Party and Great Murder Mystery Game

 “Buddy” is officially a teenager! Oh my!

Even though the animated series Invader Zim aired the same year that he was born and only lasted for two seasons, he has been a huge fan for several years. He discovered the show on YouTube.

He actually wanted to have an Invader Zim Birthday Party last year, but since there aren’t really any Invader Zim “supplies” available at non-collector prices we had to choose a different theme.

This year was a bit different. For one thing, he is now becoming a teenager so we didn’t need as much of the “extras”and for another thing… we happen to know someone who is an extremely talented cake decorator!

She was excited about the opportunity to add an Invader Zim related cake to her collection of designs and we were thrilled to be able to actually HAVE an Invader Zim party cake!

This is GIR in his green dog disguise that he wears often in the series. Isn’t this the cutest cake ever?!? GIR is Zim’s little companion.

If you are in the Reno/Sparks area and you need a cake for ANY occasion, definitely give her a call. I highly recommend her!

Here is the Facebook Page for Terrycakes. She has a great collection of photos of her creations for you to check out. (Clicking on her link will open another window, so you won’t lose you place here, no worries.) 

Here is the invitation that I created with PicMonkey. I absolutely LOVE PicMonkey!!!

Have you tried it, yet? If not, do! It is so easy, fun, and FREE! There isn’t even anything to download! I use PicMonkey for just about everything you see here on The Journey Unexpected… framing, adding text, cropping, resizing, and even creating this invitation.

Anyway… Here is a blank invitation for you to use! Just right click while your mouse is over the graphic, click on “Save image as”, and then save it to your computer. 

I used “Eraser Dust” font (on PicMonkey) and the HTML color code for the purple color is: “6a183c” and for the green color is: “4f8937”.

I prepared a Mexican Buffet for our friends. It wasn’t until we had already decided on the type of food that we realized that this was a great coincidence, because GIR’s favorite food is tacos…lol

We had Mexican pulled pork (in the crock pot), taco meat, nacho cheese, Spanish rice, and everything you can imagine to create tacos, burritos, nachos, or taco salad! 

Everything was relatively easy to make gluten free just by choosing the right brands of individual ingredients and/or recipes.

The only items at the party that were not gluten free were the flour tortillas and the GIR cake. I pointed those out to the other gluten free eaters and supplied mini chocolate bundt cakes from Haven on Earth Bakery and GF tortillas for us to enjoy.

Other than the super cute GIR cake, we simply went with lime green and purple decorations to set the mood. I have always loved the combination of purple and green. So festive!

We had three games planned for the evening: Charades, Improv with a freeze element to it, and TTT Murder Mystery. The Murder Mystery game went over so well that we just kept playing it and never got around to the other two.The idea behind the Improv game (if you would like to try it at your next party) was to have two or three people “on stage” and have “the audience” shout out a circumstance and random characters. After a bit, someone hollers “freeze”. The actors change and the audience shout out a new circumstance and the acting continues. The next time, the random characters get changed and it goes on from there.Now for the game that turned out to be a HUGE hit!!!

Trouble in Terrorist Town Murder Mystery Party Game

I found the general idea for this party game online. There were three different versions that I merged together and then we changed it up a bit more. Buddy put the Trouble in Terrorist Town twist on it, because he likes playing TTT in Roblox. He was the narrator throughout the game and had a BLAST!


Count how many people will be playing the game and have that many slips of paper. Take three of the pieces of paper and write the words Traitor, Detective, and Doctor on them (one word per slip of paper). If you want to play this as a basic murder mystery, just change it to Murderer. 

Then write Innocent on all of the remaining pieces of paper. Put the pieces of paper into a hat or bowl. 

If you are playing this with older teens or adults, you can even make a card with Narrator and have that change every round. 

Buddy wanted to be the narrator SO bad for this game, plus some of his friends are young enough that it would have gotten pretty confusing if we added that element into the game. Buddy just turned 13 and most of his friends range from about 10-15.


How to Play

Everyone draws a slip of paper and reads it to him/herself without letting anyone else know what they have. 

The narrator says, “Goodnight Terrorist Town” (or “Town of….”). Everyone closes their eyes and lowers their heads.

 Then the narrator says, “Traitor wake up.” The traitor will lift his head and point to the person he wants to “kill”. He then puts his head back down. 

The narrator then wakes up the detective and asks who he thinks is the traitor. The detective points to someone and then goes “back to sleep”. 

The narrator next wakes up the doctor and asks who he wants to save. The doctor will point to someone and go “back to sleep”. 

Then the narrator wakes up the whole town and either says something like, “Sadly last night John was killed” or if the doctor pointed to the same person that the traitor did… “Last night John came close to dying last night, but the doctor was able to save him.”

 Then everyone playing the round will vote on who they think is the traitor. Whomever the majority of the people vote for is out of the game (whether they were the traitor or not).  

The following people are out of the game each round: the person picked to be killed unless the doctor saved him/her, the traitor if the detective picked correctly, and the person that the majority of the players voted/convicted as the traitor. So, up to three people can be taken out of the game each round.

Miscellaneous tips: The doctor cannot save himself and the narrator cannot be killed. When you start a new round, make sure that you take out the correct amount of “innocent” slips of paper before anyone draws.

The verdict… This game was the BEST! We will most definitely be playing it again. Even when the party was over, some of the kids were still wanting to keep playing. We adults probably had just as much fun watching them play, too. You can’t always say that about a party game, either. Be sure to give it a try at your next party and let me know how it goes.


*   This was originally posted in January 2014, but our friends still talk about this party and we have played the murder mystery game each year since (we just change it up a bit to fit the theme).

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