Homeschooling Field Trips and Asperger’s

Well, homeschooling can lead to a ton of great field trips, but sometimes there can be too much of a good thing…lol

After we got back from our week in the caboose, we had a week of field trips, it seems…

We returned home on Sunday evening last week. Monday morning, we were off to the Nevada Legislature Building for a field trip in Carson City (about an hour away from home). We toured the building and sat in on some of the Assembly’s proceedings. It was interesting and I learned somethings I didn’t know. The field trips are not just for the kiddos…lol You would be amazed at what all I have learned this year teaching Will kindergarten. A lot of things that I KNOW I never learned in 16 years of school…lol…but no joke!

Then on Friday morning (about 6:30am…) we headed towards Sacramento. We had a fun-filled day at the Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Land Park! And yes, I got a lot of great pics!

Then, in case that wasn’t enough…lol…some of us families added on a trip to the Jelly Belly Factory on the way to Vallejo, California for Saturday’s field trip…. Sounded like a good idea beforehand…lol

It was a lot of fun, too, but I found out the hard way that “Buddy” can only take so much fun at a time. He was fine until a bit into Saturday’s trip.

After getting back to the hotel kind of late after eating dinner out with about 4 other families on Friday night, we crashed into our beds. We had to get up early the next morning to go to Six Flags/Marine World!

It was cold that morning, but at least it wasn’t very sunny. Buddy and I can burn just looking at the sun.

We were having fun and Buddy posed by each of the Warner Brothers characters and the Superheros. We planned to just hang out all day at Thomas Town (when we saw it on the map that morning). That would have helped the day go smoothly…..BUT….when we got to Thomas Town, we discovered that it was not there! It will be ready by the end of May…. Of course, nothing says that on the map or anything….ugh…I had gotten him all excited about it, before I knew…

Well, if you know Buddy and/or someone else that is an Aspie, you know that changing plans mid-stream is not easy – to say the least. Plus the fact that he LOVES Thomas and was REALLY looking forward to it! Well, that set off several “melt-downs” over seemingly little things, plus he was getting worn out.

We ended up leaving about 1:30. That turned out to be a good thing. We still had to go over Donner Pass (in the Mountains) to get home and it was turning bad. We drove through a lot of bad weather, but we went through much earlier than most of the families. I heard that they got home about 1am the next morning after several hours going over the pass.

Buddy and I basically took all day yesterday recuperating from all of our adventures!

It was fun, but exhausting!