Hollylocks Reno ~ Kids Haircuts & Parties ~ My Review

“Buddy” absolutely LOVES getting his hair done by Nicole at Hollylocks in Reno!

Nicole, owner of Hollylocks in Reno, has done Buddy’s hair for the last 5 years.  We met her at Snip-Its in the southern part of Reno back when she started working there. Ever since then, Buddy has insisted on Nicole doing his hair!

Before then, I had to do his hair at home.  He was fine during his first hair cut at a salon until it was almost over and the stylist freaked him out with the trimmer.  He started screaming and anytime we ever went to get his hair cut ANYWHERE after that, he would start screaming until we left.  At the time, we did not know that he had Asperger’s Syndrome, which is on the Autism Spectrum.  People on the spectrum OFTEN have issues with things like getting their hair cut or their nails trimmed.  He has always had a major Aspie Meltdown whenever we have tried to cut his hair.  An Aspie Meltdown is similar to an extreme tantrum that is extremely difficult to diffuse.  I had to learn to cut his hair at home and either strap him down in a high-chair or chase him around the house with the buzz cutter to get it accomplished.

When Snip-Its first came to town, I checked into it and found a cartoon video online that worked wonders!  It showed a little boy being told by his big brother what it is like to get your hair cut at Snip-Its.  I looked all over for it while preparing this post, but I cannot find it anywhere.  Buddy and I watched it several times before we went and he also “met” all of the Snip-Its characters before we went.  It was night and day from ALL other hair cutting experiences we had previously.  On our second trip to Snip-Its we met Nicole!  She was and IS amazing with Buddy!

Earlier this year, Nicole opened her own shop ~ Hollylocks!  It is in the Reno Costco Shopping Center.  We love her place even more than we did Snip-Its.

Before any cutting begins, Nicole asks Buddy if he has any new stories or jokes for her and he usually comes prepared! 🙂  He loves having his “Friend Nicole” do his hair!  To top it all off, he gets to watch a movie at his station on a flat-screen TV and play a game on a Nintendo 3DS.  He probably wishes that she would take longer to cut his hair…lol

I HIGHLY recommend Nicole and her salon Hollylocks to any and all of you ~ especially those of you with kiddos whom have special needs!  She is a natural with children and is extremely patient and comforting!


Hollylocks does something special to commemorate First Haircuts and also does parties for Rock Stars, Divas, and Princesses.  You can check those out on her website here

So what are you waiting for?

Check Hollylocks out at 1280 E. Plumb Lane, Reno, NV.
Phone: 775-825-7905
Website: http://hollylocksreno.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hollylocksreno