Hickison Petroglyphs ~ Our RV Boondocking Vacation ~ Part 4

Do you see the man’s head sticking up over the trees? He is looking to the right.

We absolutely LOVED Hickison!  The Petroglyphs were amazing and the free RV camping area was beautiful and peaceful.  There are several sites set up for smaller RV’s, without any hookups or services. You need to bring your own water, too.  But it’s FREE and CHARMING!

I did not even know that these trails existed until I was “researching” in the AAA travel guides. There are two separate trails and you HAVE to check them both out! Not a difficult walk, but may be for some older people with mobility issues. I did fine even with my Parkinson’s. We are most definitely going to return in the future and plan to spend more time there.  

Petroglyphs are ancient rock carvings.

Check out these pictures in the slideshow below and you will understand why.


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