Halloween at the Nevada Governor’s Mansion

This was not our typical Halloween. We packed the day full, because we usually do not have daddy home all day for Halloween (or most holidays). We definitely took advantage of it!

“Buddy” aka The Mad Scientist got his day started off right with a Scary Face Pancake from IHop… with a large side of bacon, of course!

As we went around town all day, Buddy was SO impressed with himself and how he was “turning heads”, getting laughs and thumbs-up with his costume! He was also quick to announce that he was the mastermind behind the idea of his daddy’s costume idea. Hubby and I were not in costume all day, but Buddy was for most of it.

We also had the opportunity to visit the Governor’s Mansion for the first time! We hope to do it again next year for Nevada’s 150th Birthday on October 31, 2014.  (This was originally posted on my previous blog on November 2, 2014.)


There was a variety of performers to keep us all entertained while we waited in line to meet the Governor and his wife.




The side yard of the Governor’s Mansion


They decorated the whole yard and even a few of their neighbors went all out on their own property.





Our family meets the Governor and First Lady of Nevada. Hubby is dressed as a Cereal Killer (with one of Buddy’s toy swords stabbing a cereal box leaving behind some blood… and of course the hockey mask), Buddy is a Mad Scientist, and I am (partially) dressed up as a Geisha.



Governor Brian Sandoval and Mrs. Kathleen Sandoval

Buddy wanted the Governor’s autograph and I thought that he would likely just scribble his name quickly on Buddy’s piece of paper, but he wrote him a little personalized note. Buddy was SO excited! Both the governor and his lovely wife were very personable.


Here is the front view of the Governor’s Mansion. Hubby took this picture with his camera.

After seeing the Governor, we went by the booth set up by NVDOT where they were giving out goodies. A man told Buddy that he had a slap bracelet for him and started to put it on him. Buddy stiffened up and I quickly assured him that he would be OK as the guy put it on him. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. With Asperger’s Syndrome you never know what will start a meltdown and Buddy thought that the guy was going to slap him with this weird “stick”.

Anyway… Buddy was SOOOO impressed with his new “toy” that he kept showing EVERYONE the rest of the night this nifty gadget! I had to explain to him that these are not new and other people likely have heard about them. You can see his new favorite toy around his wrist in the picture below with the giant chicken.

After we trick or treated at a few other places right around the mansion, we drove back to our neck of the woods. We stopped first at my father-in-love’s house and while there posed for this “lovely” picture.

We then headed back to our neighborhood and to the “Mia Drive Massacre”. It is a haunted house that evidently has been going on for several years, but we have never heard of it before that morning when we saw a sign advertising it. Buddy was feeling mighty brave and wanted to check it out.

He had never been to a haunted house and usually gets scared somewhat easily, but he does love things like the Goosebumps books. He figured that since he is getting closer to becoming “a man” (he is 12…) he could handle it.

They have safe guards like you being able to tell an actor that you want to leave and they will immediately escort you out, so we decided to try it. They also have a rule that you don’t touch the actor, because they will not touch you… I HATE it when they grab you, so this was great with me!

Buddy sandwiched himself between us, but he did great and loved it actually. At the end, they had candy and popcorn and he said that he definitely “earned” the popcorn!  lol

Part way through I was trying to figure out if they couldn’t touch me, why was someone hanging on me? Buddy was hanging on me…but “No” he wasn’t scared…lol He told me later that he was using me as a human shield. Ya… thanks.

If you want to see more of Buddy’s Mad Scientist costume and how he came up with the idea himself, check out my previous post here.

Well, it sure was a fun-filled day, but exhausting! One that Buddy is not going to forget… that’s for sure.  ðŸ˜‰


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