“The Genius Files” ~ Exciting Read-Aloud Series


“Buddy” and I recently discovered Dan Gutman’s action-packed new series “The Genius Files“.  We both thoroughly enjoyed exploring these together as “read-alouds” in our homeschool.

Twin brother and sister geniuses, Coke and Pepsi (yes… those are their names), are just turning thirteen in the first book of the series and their lives suddenly get rather interesting.

Their summer vacation plans center around a RV road-trip across the country with their parents, but this is definitely NOT your average road-trip!  These two continually get into life and death situations (with comedic twists).

These tweens are resourceful and fun to get to know.  Their parents, however, just make me shake my head sometimes.  They definitely do not seem to be playing with a full deck…lol


You may want to at least skim the first book if things like this concern you, but as for my 12 year old son and me… we are hooked!

Besides being a lot of fun and literally a Laugh Out Loud read, you can learn about interesting, real-life (and often quite weird) tourist destinations across the USA and are even encouraged to follow their trip via Google Maps.

When Buddy saw that I was creating this post, he told me that I HAVE to mention that we can’t wait to read the third book nor the release of the next three books that are planned.

“Mission Unstoppable” ~ Book 1
“Never Say Genius” ~ Book 2
“You Only Die Twice” ~ Book 3

* Update June 13, 2013  (This was originally posted on my previous blog in March 2013.)

I have noticed that as we read through the books (especially noticeable by Book 4) that they are getting a bit more intense and closer to PG-13. Not bad language per-say, but more disrespectful and more intense scrapes they find themselves in. We are still reading them aloud, but I am taking more time to discuss with “Buddy”.


I was not compensated in any way nor even asked to give a review of these books.  The opinions and even the idea of this post are entirely my own, because we truly enjoyed these so much.


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