Friday Finds For Homeschool

This week’s free homeschool resources include: Lego Magazine Club, Julius Caesar Unit Study, 26 Kid-Friendly Recipes, Spanish Lessons and Lapbook, Memory Verse Puzzles, Geography Unit Studies, Surprise Symphony Music Listening Map, Memory Verse Printables, Transcontinental Railroad Unit Study, US States Notebooking Pages, Flat Stanley Unit Study and Lapbooking Pages, National Hot Dog Month Unit Study, Free Homeschool Planners, and 13 Weeks of Free History Lessons.

LEGO Club ~ Free Magazine Sign Up

My son, “Buddy” LOVES his free subscription! When it comes about time for a new issue to arrive, he starts watching the mail box like a hawk. Get yours here.

Free Julius Caesar Unit Study for Elementary

This looks like a great unit study that will only take a couple of days to complete.  It is not TOO extensive or bogged down with SO much information that your children will never want to learn anything more about Julius Caesar either…  😉  You likely know the types I am referring to. Buddy and I plan to include many short unit studies this year in our homeschool. I just snagged my own copy of this to include it. You can get yours here.


ABC’s of Back-To-School:
26 Kid-Friendly Recipes from Mr. Food

I’m planning on using some of these recipes when teaching Buddy cooking this year. The recipes include: Banana Split Pancakes, Apple Honey Cooler, Hot Dog Kebabs, Oven “Fried” Drumsticks, Popcorn Lollipops, Surprise Sundae Cups, Beefy Taco Bake, and several more. They look geared for parents to make kid-pleasing meals, but the directions are very clear and seem like great recipes for children to use while expanding their cooking skills. Get yours here.

Spanish Lessons and Lapbook

WOW! This looks amazing! The 104 page free PDF download includes: animals, colors, numbers, names of clothing (along with super cute paper dolls and clothing), noun/adjective agreement, weather, seasons, days of the week, and MUCH more! Get yours here.

Memory Verse Puzzles

These are really easy to make and the link includes a free downloadable PDF with 12 verses already for you and your kiddos. This looks like a great way to make memorizing fun! Check it out and get yours here.

Free Geography Unit Studies

You can get unit studies for France, India, and Haiti. It says that they were compiled by students ages 7-14. I checked out the France one and was really impressed. Get yours here.


Surprise Symphony Listening Map

This is the listening map that I created awhile back. The children in my Music Adventures classes always enjoy learning about the Surprise Symphony and using this listening map. Get yours and read more here.

Printables to Help Memorize 3 Psalms for Mealtime Blessing

This link includes some history behind the specific Psalms and ideas about teaching them. Check it out and get your free downloadable PDF here.

Ten Mile Day And The Building of The Transcontinental Railroad Unit Study

This unit study is extensive and utilizes all of the main homeschool subjects. It even includes a 21 page printable of lapbooking materials and another PDF of a nice looking game you can create and play. Get your free unit study here.

Free US States Notebooking Pages

This 4 page PDF download can be used for any of the states (or even all of them) and covers statistics, geography, motto’s, famous people, etc. Get yours here.

Flat Stanley Unit Study Lessons and Lapbook Printables

Using the famous book “Flat Stanley” you can explore transportation, discrimination, California, onomatopoeia, measurements, healthy habits, and more. Check it out here.

Unit Study for National Hot Dog Month ~ July

This study could actually be done anytime of the year, but when better to study all about hot dogs then in the summer! This link includes a lot of resources like a virtual tour of a hot dog factory, hot dog history, books to read, recipes, etc. Check it out here.


Free Homeschool Planners

List of several free Homeschool Planners that you can choose from that are offered by various sites. Go to the main list here.

Thirteen Weeks of Free History Lessons

These include: The Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and more. Check it out here.



Looking for more? Check out my Homeschool Freebies page!


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