Friday Finds For Homeschool

This week’s free homeschool resources include: Amusement Park Physics, Early American History Timeline Activity and Printables, Free Audio Podcasts of The Chronicles of Narnia, Pencil Portrait Drawing Lessons, Nim’s Island Unit Study and Lapbook, and Baseball-Themed 100 Chart.

Amusement Park Physics 

I had a blast checking out this interactive learning site! It took me several attempts to create a roller coaster that I would love to ride that would not crash…lol  This was even before I introduced my son to the site. It has several different areas to explore including bumper cars, pendulums, carousels, and more. Have fun with physics here.

The Chronicles of Narnia ~ Free Audio Podcasts

You can listen free online as Chrissi Hart reads: “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”, “Prince Caspian”, “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, “The Silver Chair”, “The Horse and His Boy”, “The Magician’s Nephew”, and “The Last Battle”. You can also sponsor a transcript and/or buy a copy to download. From what I listened to so far, it is great quality and she is a great reader to listen to. Check it out here.

Free Pencil Portrait Drawing Lessons

There are several lessons here that teach different aspects of drawing portraits in illustrated step by step tutorials. Check it out here.


Nim’s Island Unit Study and Lapbook 

Here is a great freebie based on a great book and movie. The science connections include: weather, rainforests, oceanography, volcanoes, zoology, and more. Besides the wonderful science learning opportunities, this unit study and lapbook also includes some great vocabulary, similes, imagery, crafts, and more. This looks like a blast! Get yours here

Baseball-Themed Hundred Chart 

This hundred chart comes with two other printables from Math Coach’s Corner. I really like her blog and the few products of hers that I have checked out personally. She has a great way of explaining how to teach math. Get your printables here. 



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I love it when I find great resources for homeschooling online and get to share them with my friends. I often find wonderful free or inexpensive resources that can help homeschooling families spend less money and quite easily have a strong homeschool learning experience. Please note that these finds are not created by me personally unless stated otherwise. My desire for this series of posts is to share, support, and publicize some wonderful free and/or inexpensive resources that I feel more people should know about. The opinions I give are completely my own. I am not to be held responsible for any problems with the resources, broken links, etc. However, if you do let me know of any problems, I can fix the link or remove the recommendation, when necessary. Also, please note that some of these offers may only be for a limited time regardless if it is stated by me or the related site, so act quickly. Enjoy!


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