Gluten Free Flatbread and Pita Pizzas

One thing that I missed the most when I went gluten free back in October of 2012 was delicious pizzas of all types. Sure there are thankfully some gluten free pizzas at some restaurants nowadays and there are gluten free crusts available, but it honestly isn’t the same.

If you are fortunate enough to have a pizza place near you that has a gluten free pizza that is just as good as the full-of-gluten offerings, then you likely will be paying a lot more for a lot less pizza. More often though you will likely be paying a whole lot more for something that just passes as pizza and too often resembles cardboard.

Since I cannot stop loving pizza and I cannot afford to go to my favorite pizza place with some amazing gluten free pizza very often… I have had to experiment with several products over the last few years. Other than the specific flatbreads and pitas I am sharing with you today, my biggest successes have been making pizzas on a variety of vegetables (some with more success than others) and slices of polenta. But those don’t totally satisfy a real pizza craving.

My absolute favorite crust these days is the Glutenfreeda Artisan Flatbread and Pizza Crust, especially the “Roasted Garlic” and the “Parmesan and Asiago”. They both make super tasty pizza crusts!

When I have trouble at times getting my hands on the Glutenfreeda Flatbreads, I use Against the Grain’s 7-inch Lebanese-style Pita Bread. I usually find both of these at my local Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, and/or Raley’s. I made some of each today.

When I make pizzas, I don’t measure at all and I make a whole lot more than we need at that one meal, because it is so easy to make more right then when I have an assembly line type of thing going on and then we have leftover pizza for some upcoming meals. Leftover pizza never goes to waste around here. It also makes it so much easier to make a lot more variations, since my guys and I love variety.

The recipe below for the basic Flatbread and Pita Pizzas is really more like a basic guideline and tips. I find it much more satisfying while making the pizzas as well as while eating them if I just let myself get creative and go with what looks good. I also love to add in special leftovers when appropriate. 

My pizza creations before adding the cheese.

Here are some of my pizza creations today showing the toppings before adding the cheese. I have meat lovers (with pepperoni and ham ~ I usually use Buddig ham lunch meat. It works great for pizzas and is handy to have in the freezer.), my Mushroom and Spinach Pizza, Combination (ham, pepperoni, spinach, mushrooms, red onion, Roma tomato, minced garlic), Pepperoni Lovers, Veggie Lovers (lots of spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, red onions, minced garlic), and another combo shown on the other crust.

My finished Gluten Free Pizzas!

Gluten Free Flatbread and Pita Pizzas

Stephanie Parker


  • Spray oil
  • Desired amount of Glutenfreeda Artisan Flatbreads or Against the Grain Pita Bread ~ thawed
  • Pizza Sauce ~ I use Classico Pizza Sauce it's gluten free and delicious - or BBQ Sauce!
  • Shredded Mozzarella Cheese ~ Gluten free if needed
  • Your desired pizza toppings such as: pepperoni ham, Canadian Bacon. hamburger, bacon, sausage, salami, chicken, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, black olives, minced garlic, artichoke hearts, pineapple, and broccoli.
  • Parmesan Cheese optional
  • Granulated Garlic optional


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  • Spread pizza sauce or BBQ sauce evenly over each of your flatbreads or pita breads.
  • Top with your desired pizza toppings and shredded cheese. If you do not have many toppings, you can put the cheese down first and then the toppings on top. This works really good with pepperoni pizzas.
  • Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and/or granulated garlic, if desired.
  • Bake in oven for 5-10 minutes, or until your cheese is melted and your toppings are heated well. It really depends on your oven, how many pizzas you are making, and how high you topped them. My two pans of pizzas took 11 minutes today.

So, what are your favorite pizza toppings? Do you have any that you and your family always eat or do you switch it up a lot? Please leave a comment below.

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