This Is How My Son Fights Writer’s Block!

“Buddy” was working on one of his web pages last night and had a bad case of writer’s block hit. He came into the room I was in with this stuck to his forehead…

He then proceeded to get crafty… and I mean REALLY crafty! Within about two hours he created an oil pastel drawing of the characters of one of his favorite cartoons, a beaded necklace, a crayon/glitter monster, a little man made of spun golden wire, and a movable action figure made out of pipe cleaners from one of his favorite cartoons. He said that this action figure/character was a triple-threat, because she can sing, dance, and is simple awesome!  LOL  He would have continued on his crafty adventure, I am sure, but I made him go to bed because of the late hour.

I was telling him this morning that at least he made good use of his downtime and he said no, he was just busy procrastinating! Well, that was some pretty productive procrastinating! I wish my procrastinating was always so productive!  😉   I thought that his little sign was extremely clever, too. I just had to share! What do you do to fight writer’s block?


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