Ten of My Favorite Movies

 1. Mr. Holland’s Opus
This is my all-time favorite movie! It is full of amazing emotion. I love the history it displays and the way the Opus comes to life as Mr. Holland is living a life unexpected.

2. Avatar
As I watch this movie, I continuously compare how this story is very similar to what happened to the Native Americans. They seem to believe that “helping” the natives to become more like them will make the natives SO much better. Avatar is profound, especially when you watch with all of this in mind.

3. Ramona and Beezus
I believe that this is the most wholesome movie to be produced in many years. When I first saw who some of the adult actors and actresses were going to be; however, I thought that they had really messed up. All are really good, but I felt that the parts they were playing were not right for many of them at all. I was pleasantly surprised and amazed at how they became the perfect person for their particular roles. I highly recommend that you read through the Ramona series of books before you watch the movie if possible. I believe that it really enhances the experience.


4. Night at the Museum 1 & 2
These enjoyable movies are full of great insights to historical people and events. The cast is amazing and lovable. I can watch these repeatedly. I am also creating and teaching a class based on the historical figures from Night at the Museum 2 for our homeschool co-op group. Movie number 3 is supposed to be coming soon. Can’t wait!


5. The Notebook
Get the tissues ready. I found myself absorbed by this amazing love story. Every time I watch it, I notice something new. This is a movie that you will never forget.


6. The Young Victoria
Watching this movie for the first time, quite by accident, began my love for the Dramatic Time Period genre. I felt myself being drawn into the story and her life. Emily Blunt’s portrayal was priceless.


 7. Kit Kittredge – An American Girl
This movie displays how life was during the Great Depression. It makes a great homeschooling resource when discussing this period in history and it also helped me explain about the Recession and how it affects everyone. It helped Buddy understand a bit more about why we cannot just go buy whatever we want. It is also hilarious at times and definitely does not seem like a school kind of movie.

8. Legally Blonde
This is such a wonderful feel-good movie. It can always lift my spirits and I enjoy how the underdogs often succeed. Elle keeps her innocence and upbeat attitude. She is a great example of not sinking down to the level of others.

9. Wild Hogs
This movie is ten times better when you are in a weird, goofy mood. It just cracks me up. Please note that this movie is inappropriate at times, so it may not be for you. Since I know where they are, I can easily fast-forward over any scene necessary. Gotta love DVD’s. One of my favorite parts (without giving too much away) is when William H. Macy’s character does something with his eye glasses when he is trying to look cool. At the theater, I was basically the only one to laugh at that part and I laughed loud! I still laugh hard when I see him do that. I cannot figure out why others do not think that is hilarious. I think that my hubby mostly laughs at that part now, because he remembers what happened in the theater and how red I got. Let me know what you think if you watched it.

10. Miss Congeniality
The laughs just keep coming throughout this hilarious movie. The cast is wonderful and I especially love Sandra Bullock. It is never boring even after watching it several times. By the way, this one is five times better than Miss Congeniality 2.

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