Elko and Palisade, Nevada ~ Our Boondocking Vacation ~ Part 3

We continued on our RV boondocking vacation by driving up to Elko to visit my daughter and her boyfriend. While there, we visited the Northeastern Nevada Museum. We have been there a few times, but always enjoy visiting.

Above is a collage of what we found interesting.

The next morning before we headed back out of town, we had breakfast with my daughter and her boyfriend at Toki Ona’s.  They always serve a great breakfast.

We then headed out to Palisade.  We LOVE getting away from it all there! We hiked quite a bit while exploring this ghost town. I, of course, took a lot of pictures. Check out the collage below.

Hubby had way too much fun making a campfire that evening.  This was “Buddy’s” first big campfire since he has been old enough to remember and he really enjoyed it.

Buddy had never tried s’mores before, because they are “all mixed together”, which he has an issue with as part of his Asperger’s Syndrome.  He would only eat the ingredients separately before.  He was feeling adventurous… likely because of the fun he and his daddy were having with the big fire… He couldn’t get enough of them.

He also tried burnt marshmallows (the ones that you literally catch on fire – this is how I like mine) and he loved them.  Buddy wanted me to be sure and note that he mistakenly said, “Graham Crappers” and to make sure that I include it on my blog… so there it is…lol  He is not supposed to say the second word, but he reminds me often of the time that he messed up and said, “Graham and that other word” then proceeds to laugh at himself.

Hubby kept throwing more wood on the fire and I had to TRY to keep the fire down enough that they wouldn’t see it all the way to Elko.  He was planning on putting this somewhat large log on the fire, but I told him that he was NOT going to use that one.  Without even a pause, he started looking around for other pieces.  Like, “Ok. I won’t burn THAT one, but look at all of these others…” Before I went in for the night, I told him that I had taken inventory and would check in the morning…lol  I was boondocking with two children…


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