Elements of Style Workbook Review

“Elements of Style” is a superior resource on its own and has been since William Strunk, Jr. published it in 1920. There is, however, a new resource that coincides with the Element of Style. It is The Elements of Style Workbook.

I remember using Elements of Style all through my college years. Each student was required to have a copy and I referred to mine many times. I am grateful that we now have a workbook to go right along with the original and that my son can learn from it, too.

We will definitely be using the Elements of Style Workbook this next school year to improve his writing as well as to make sure we didn’t miss learning anything important in our homeschooling when it comes to writing and grammar. This workbook (like the original book) is straight to the point and easy to understand. The workbook is over 200 pages of exercises and examples.

I definitely recommend this workbook and at under $6, you cannot beat the price, either. (You can also get the Elements of Style book for about $6. That’s about $12 for both books.)

I especially appreciate the “Write With a Purpose” section of the workbook which covers writing the different types of paragraphs: Narration, Description, Exposition, and Persuasion. Each of these go through the steps thoroughly including: the purpose of this type of paragraph, how to outline the paragraph, along with exercises practicing outlining and writing each type of paragraph. It is also really helpful with how to write in active voice and keeping your tenses consistent. Other great resources are the sections teaching about “The Secrets of Style” and “Writing Dialogue With Style”.

You can buy your Elements of Style Workbook on Amazon.


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