E-Pill® Multi-Alarm PLUS Review

I have been given the opportunity to try out the E-Pill® Multi-Alarm PLUS Timer Pillbox with up to 37 daily alarms.

This is great for reminding you to take all of your medications at the correct times. A loud alarm (4kHz) will go off for up to 4 minutes to let you know when it is time for your medications. Even with my slight hearing loss, I heard it a bit in the other room. 

It wasn’t quite loud enough for me to know what it was at first, but I knew that something was going on and went to investigate. If for some reason you miss it, the next time you go to your E-Pill® Timer you will notice a little message flashing above the time display that notifies you that you missed taking some of your pills.

It is extremely easy to set and doesn’t require any resetting for the next day. You can set it for any time between 6am to midnight on the half hour or hour just by moving the little knobs up for “on” (see the picture on the right).

The two best things about this for me personally are:

  1. I have been taking one medication with my breakfast medications even though it is “best” if I take it not with food. It still works (better then it does if I completely forget to take it… which is what was almost always happening before), but it is not as effective as it is when it is taken on an empty stomach and long enough before you eat. The E-Pill® fixes this problem for me!
  2. I very often miss my second dose of one of my medications, because it is the only medication that I have to take at noon. The E-Pill® reminds me of this, too.
This version also has 7 compartments to hold your medications. They are each marked with M-S and 1-7 for the days of the week. With my Parkinson’s and other issues… that really doesn’t work for me, because I do not know which of my medications are which just by looking at them. I would not know which ones I needed to take at a particular time, so I will continue to use my other pill box in conjunction with this reminder.
The way I personally plan to use this pillbox is when we are travelling, I will have each compartment labelled with my “extra” medications so that I have them handy without having to have several bottles packed in our luggage. This would include things like: immodium, benedryl, children’s tylenol, etc. Things that we really don’t want to be without, but we don’t want to bulk up our luggage with either. I will be sure to type up and pack the instructions of how often to take the medications and how much, too.

Find out more and/or get your own 37 Alarm Pill Timer here.

Disclosure:  I received this E-Pill® Multi-Alarm PLUS Timer Pillbox for free in exchange for an honest review. This, however, did not affect my review in any way. I will only post my genuine opinions here at The Journey Unexpected regardless of any form of compensation.


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