Driving a Speeder Car on Train Tracks

We had another amazing experience the other night after volunteering the whole day at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum!  Hubby has been telling “Buddy” all summer that once he got a chance to familiarize himself with its operation, he would take Buddy for a ride in the Woodings Motorcar aka “speeder”. 

After the two of them went for a ride and I took a few pictures, hubby suggested that I go for a ride.  I had our dog Isabella with me, so I figured that there was not really a way for me to go that evening.  Buddy suggested that we take “Poochie” with us.  I was a bit hesitant, but she jumped right in.  The only problem was that she kept sitting on the horn and then tried to figure out who was honking the horn.  She couldn’t figure out that she was the one doing it…lol  I then directed her onto the floor next to my feet and she got comfy.Hubby directed me in how to drive it and away we went!  

We drove around the 1 1/2 mile Balloon Track on the museum’s property.  We had a BLAST!

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