Do You Feel This? ~ Parkinsons

I am still trying to figure this Parkinson’s thing out. I evidently have another degenerative brain issue that hasn’t been named on top of the Parkinson’s, so it gets a bit confusing at times. What is happening because of the Parkinson’s and what is due to the unknown?Why is this important? If I know, I can be proactive and figure out how to lessen the issue. How are others dealing with it? What makes it worse?

I haven’t been able to find any information about this one main issue that is bugging me a lot lately. I suddenly get a strong “energy” in my brain. It isn’t like electricity. It really feels as though someone is applying constant pressure on the right side of my brain. It feels like it is about the size of a tennis ball and slightly above my ear.

This makes my head go back and forth quickly and forcefully. I honestly have felt like if I wasn’t careful and didn’t control it, I could get something like “shaken baby syndrome”. It is that forceful. I have tried to keep my head from doing the movement. When I do, the energy continues to increase until I let it release by letting my head do its thing…at least back and forth once. I have even experimented with holding my head still within my hands and reading something to keep my mind off of it. My thinking was that if I wasn’t thinking about it, then maybe I could ignore it and it would go away. No such luck.

It tends to be worse when I have over-done things that day. In the last couple of weeks; however, it has also started happening when I am not tired.

Lately, there have also been times when my head wants to go down a bit then slowly swing over to the right and stay there a bit. This movement reminds me a lot of when Michael J. Fox is off of his medicines and his head swoops to the side. Because of this, I’m thinking that it must be from the Parkinsons. Problem is, I cannot find anything written about it.

Do others actually feel this energy when their head does this? If so, is there a way to lessen it? I know that the movement won’t go away, but does this feeling of the energy eventually subside? Do I feel it more, because my Parkinsons is early-onset?

So many questions…so little answers…

(This was originally posted in February 2011 on my other blog.)