Do Not Assume…

Do not assume that my child is trying to be rude or childish… He is on the Autism Spectrum.

Do not assume that my son is older than he really is; therefore, holding him to the standards of a child much older… He is very tall for his age.

Do not assume that my mobility issues are due to my being overweight or lazy… I have an invisible disability.

Do not assume that I have been drinking when I stagger or drop things… I have Parkinson’s.

Do not assume that I am uneducated or am not ambitious… I chose to be a stay-at-home-mom and use my college degree in many ways.

Do not assume if I do not introduce myself or participate in a conversation, then I am unfriendly… I am shy.

Do not assume if I have experienced abuse, then I am weak… They call me a survivor for a reason.

Do not assume if I am poor, am different, or do not stand up for myself, then it is OK to bully me… I am worthy of respect and have been taught to turn the other cheek.

Do not assume that since I am a parent of a child with special needs, that I need pitied or am unhappy with the life I have been given… I was chosen by God to love and care for one of His most precious creations.

Stephanie Parker
December 14, 2011