Design on a Crime – Book Review


When I started reading this first book in the Deadly Décor Mysteries Series, I was expecting a basic “cozy mystery”, but I received MUCH more!

As Haley is launching her own interior design company, she finds her life suddenly out of control… again.  Her mentor is found dead and she is considered the prime suspect.  Haley’s journey to stay out of jail leads her to a greater understanding of the people around her, how dealing (or not dealing) with your past can affect your present choices, and how if God always intervened, “he’d be no more than a master puppeteer.” 

I laughed and cried (for a variety of reasons) throughout the book and was still guessing until the end about who was the murderer.  I found several pieces of dialogue profound and thought-provoking.  This is a must read!


You may even get your own Kindle-version copy for free like I did.  When you go, be sure to check the price.  It may not be free much longer.  Regardless of the price, I highly recommend it!

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