“Camp Lizard” ~ Our RV Boondocking Vacation ~ Part 1

We had a wonderful time on our RV Boondocking vacation this last spring! I’m sorry that I did not share this earlier, but at least I was good about journalling it at the time.  It did not last near as long as it was supposed to, because the RV broke down 9 days into our adventure…

On day 1, we arrived at what we lovingly call “Camp Lizard”.  It is in the 40-Mile Desert and is a favorite place of ours to hang-out.  What I find kind of ironic is the fact that this area has specifically been pointed out as the most dreaded part of the California Trail.  There was a massive loss of people and animals in this area with its dry alkali ground.  This was where most emigrants said that they “saw the elephant”.  What does that say about us?  lol  Of course, we had an RV, plenty of water, food, amateur radio gear… not to mention our batteries that we kept charged up with our nifty solar panel charger.  So that obviously makes a huge difference.  The first picture shows what we used to call “The Beast” and now call “The Money Pit”, you can see the dipole we put up over to the right for amateur radio.  My hubby and I are both into amateur radio.  We did not actually put this up until day 2 when this particular picture was taken.

It was a bit hectic just getting out of town for what was supposed to be a 2 1/2 to 3 week RV Boondocking adventure all over north-central Nevada and a little bit into California.  I had it all figured out, but still needed to stop by Costco and Winco for some specific items and the hubby needed to make a stop at Ace Hardware.  It seemed like we were never going to get out of town… In actuality, it did not take near as long as it seemed.

It was instantly refreshing when we finally got out of town and onto the highway.  The stress that had built up just melted away.  As we turned off of Highway 95 and headed towards our personal “Camp Lizard”, our dog Isabella started getting excited and quickly gave me a kiss of appreciation.  She somehow could tell that we were arriving at a place that she loved even though we had only been there once before.  We named it “Camp Lizard”, because Isabella had loads of fun chasing so many little lizards when we were there exploring before.

*   Please note:  Absolutely NO lizards were harmed in any way.  Our poor poochie has many issues including really bad hips, so she honestly cannot catch anything…lol

It was rather windy when we arrived, but I still needed to be outside and enjoying the seclusion.


“Buddy” and Isabella repeatedly hiked up and down one of the tall sand dunes right outside of where we parked the RV.  Buddy was actually wearing the dog out that first evening.  He usually complains if we hike “too long” and when I say “repeatedly”, I mean honestly at least 15 times up and down.  He just could not get enough of that dune.

This picture over to the right was taken after hubby had just gone up once.  All of the rest of those footprints are from Buddy and his side-kick.

When Buddy was finally worn out and the sun went down, we watched Chipwrecked on our little (about 7 inches, I think) TV monitor and ate some Jiffy Pop Corn cooked over our little gas range.


On day 2, we set up the dipole antenna.  Let’s just say that it was rather interesting with the extremely long interlocking PVC pipes in that wind.  The wind had died down a bit, but being literally out in the middle of nowhere in the desert… it is never still.

We do not have a generator, but we had gotten a great deal at Costco a few months before on a portable solar panel charger. (Here is a similar solar charger I found on Amazon.)

We used this to recharge our batteries for our C-Pap machines and any extras that we might want or need.  It has been well worth the money!  You can see ours hooked up in the picture above.


We all took a long hike up and down some sand dunes and all over the area.  There is absolutely NOTHING like having a whole desert to yourself…

Isabella got to chase a bunch of little lizards, but hubby actually saw one that was about a foot long.  I am kind of happy that I did not see that one…lol

Day 3 was basically a time of just chillin’.  Hubby played around on our make-shift radio station for awhile.  I read to Buddy for a few hours out on a blanket with our dog close by.  She loves “reading book”.  Her job is to keep us company and sleep.  We rarely read a book aloud without her being “right there”.  She should be getting quite a homeschool education… We had to keep moving around in order to attempt to stay in the shade of the RV… the main drawback about vacationing in the middle of a desert…


I also got a chance to make several new recipes throughout our vacation.  I had plenty of time and no pressing matters other than spending time with my family and making sure everyone was fed.  I created a little RV Boondocking Cookbook just for the occasion!  You can read about it and get your free PDF file by going here!  I will be blogging about what we ate soon.  I will include whether they were hits or misses along with the tips I discovered.

On the morning of Day 4 Buddy, Isabella, and I went for a walk looking for some lizards for our pooch to chase so that we could get it on video.  It is so funny to watch!  We decided that, evidently, it was too windy or too cold for them to be out that early.  That or they had a late night partying and were still sleeping it off…


Buddy was more than happy to fill in the blank spots with his commentary and special bits for his first “video”.  He has huge aspirations of doing game walk-throughs on YouTube.  We repeatedly had issues with him starting before I gave the signal that I was recording.  He has a way to go… but you have to start somewhere.  He even provided a British accent throughout.  🙂

Check out Part 2 ~ Winnemucca here.


*   This was originally posted on my previous blog in 2012.

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