Blueberries Everywhere

My hands seem to have a brain of their own.  That, or they are just going through a rebellious stage.

Since my Parkinson’s symptoms have started affecting my everyday life more, my husband has tried to go shopping with me whenever he can.  I did not realize how much this helped until he was unable to go with me.

Thursday was one of those days.  At this store, you bag your own groceries.  The person in front of me was one who stands in a way that you cannot put anything on the conveyor belt until they are ready to pay.  This, of course, makes it so that I have to hurry at putting my items up.  No, theoretically, I did not have to hurry.

But… I now have to move quickly (at least in my opinion) to keep up with the checker and then to quickly get my goods bagged and out of the way for the people behind me.  Couldn’t they have their groceries go to the other side?  Well, they could if the person in front of me wasn’t bagging at such a leisurely pace.

Anyway… I was doing pretty good until I got almost all of my groceries on the belt.  I grabbed for the container of blueberries and all of a sudden something went wrong.

In slow motion, my hands decided to jerk and close in too much and cause the blueberry container to kind of twist and go up in the air.  Then, they all came down and scattered everywhere.  I did not need a mirror to know what color my face was now glowing.  It was one of those times that you wish you had some sort of sign to hold up saying that you have Parkinson’s and you are not crazy or drunk.  Plus, it would have been nice to hide behind…