Quick Blackberry Lemonade ~ Only 2 Ingredients

This Blackberry Lemonade is so quick and easy that it feels weird calling it a recipe. I just had to share this 2 ingredient creation, because it is so refreshing.

It was inspired by a flavored lemonade I got at a local food truck called All Wrapped Up this summer.

All you need is your favorite lemonade (I like mine really tart) and some blackberries.

You muddle the berries in the bottom of the glass and then pour in your lemonade and stir.

It can be made with homemade lemonade, a mix, or a good quality store-bought lemonade. I prefer mine with fresh squeezed or the Costco’s Kirkland Organic Lemonade.

Quick Blackberry Lemonade

Only 2 ingredients!


  • 4-6 Blackberries
  • Lemonade enough to fill your glass


  • Muddle the rinsed blackberries in the bottom of your glass. Muddling is a gentle mashing of the berries. I just used a fork.
  • Fill your glass with ice-cold lemonade.
  • Enjoy!


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