Austin, Nevada and New Pass Station ~ Our RV Boondocking Vacation ~ Part 5

 Just past a summit of over 7,000 feet, we arrived at Austin, Nevada.  It is a semi-ghost town located on Highway 50, the “Loneliest  Road in America”. It is nestled in the Toiyabe Mountain Range and is rather tranquil. A collage of my many pictures are to the left.

We then traveled further and had a picnic lunch at the New Pass Station, a location with a Pony Express building foundation.

We were then on our way to Gabbs, Nevada to visit the Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park.  Unfortunately, it was at that time that some kind of regulator for the alternator went out.  We ended up driving straight home, so that we would be able to get it repaired.  After the huge bill for repairs and the time that it took for the mechanics to get the job done, our vacation was cut short.  It was sad that it had to end early, but we made some amazing memories! 

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