Asperger’s and Religion

Evidently, there is a big debate and research going on in Psychology circles about those with Asperger’s Syndrome and religion. I read a blog post tonight that referenced a report that states, “People with Asperger’s less likely to see purpose behind the events in their lives.”

IF this is true, I believe that it is because we are not teaching our children thoroughly enough about what we believe and why. This is extremely important whether they have special needs or not.

Those who have Asperger’s Syndrome see things as black and white…with no gray areas. If we teach them to take the Bible literally (as I believe) and that it is truly God’s Word, I honestly believe that they can and will understand and believe.

Some people look at the Bible as a “good story” that was written for the people a long time ago. Many believe that we need to work at interpreting what it says, because it “can’t” be taken literally… especially in today’s world. Well, this likely confuses many people whether they have Asperger’s or not. If we teach that the Bible could mean this or could mean that….how can we expect someone who cannot see the “gray” to even care enough to listen?

We need to teach our children that God’s Word is true and reliable. God IS in control; things do not just happen. Everything and everyone has a purpose. They have the BEST friend ever in Jesus and He DOES understand them and love them for who they are…no matter what! If we witness to them through our words AND actions about how God uses our circumstances for His Glory and ultimately for our good, they WILL see and understand that there is a reason behind the events in their lives and more importantly a purpose for their lives! God DID NOT make mistakes!


* This was originally written and posted on one of my previous blogs in June 2010, but it still applies today.