Hi! I am a 53 year old mom of a 20 year old and a 33 year old. I’m happily married to a professional railroader and I homeschooled our youngest who has been diagnosed as having Asperger’s. I have Parkinsonism, BPPV, Pseudo Cushings, Gluten Intolerance, AGHD, and more.

My family means everything to me!

I am a northern Nevadan Christian mom who works from home part-time for a couple of small businesses. I am also a doTerra Wellness Consultant. Essential oils are really helping my family and me in many natural ways. 

I’m a self-proclaimed advocate for Asperger’s Syndrome, all of the Autism Spectrum Disorders, and special needs in general.

I am usually found blogging, tweeting, posting, and pinning about homeschooling, essential oils, genealogy, Parkinsonism, being Gluten Free, books, recipes, and anything else on our family’s Christian Journey. I have another blog all about genealogy and my personal family history at Digging For Ancestors.

Welcome to The Journey Unexpected,



*   A little history: I had a couple of websites for several years in the mid-1990’s after teaching myself html (one for survivors of abuse and the other was about life in general). I then spent well over 7 years as webmaster at my workplace as well as volunteering as webmaster for our church. After that I had a blog just about life from about 2005-2008 and then later started blogging again right after my grandma’s death in 2010. That blog was named The Journey which morphed into a blog about homeschooling a special needs child while having chronic illnesses… and later having to go gluten free. The Journey Unexpected and Digging For Ancestors are where I am now.